Technology, Innovation, and Investment

Drawing upon our nearly 40 years of entrepreneurial spirit and experience as one of Türkiye's leading holding companies, we are committed to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs by transferring our accumulated knowledge and strong vision to promising business ideas.

Evolving Services

Leveraging the experience and expertise we have gained throughout our journey, we are committed to guiding promising ventures towards success. Embracing a continuously evolving service philosophy, we empower entrepreneurs with resources such as mentorship, training, and financial support, fostering their achievements. While cultivating future leaders, we strive to make a positive impact on the business world and society by focusing on innovation and sustainability-driven projects.

Fostering Innovative Entrepreneurship

We are committed to supporting innovative entrepreneurs and driving the growth of the startup ecosystem. Through our venture capital fund, we provide financial and strategic support to early-stage startups with the potential to transform industries and create a positive impact on society.

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